Architecture & Interior Design


Sina Hospital

Project Date





11700 m2

Project Description

This project was introduced as the very first super speciality MS hospital in the Middle East according to global standards and best practices. This project is located in the area of Sinai Hospital covering a total area of approximately 11,000 square meters. The main building includes various units including dialysis, laboratory and pathology departments, radiography, physiotherapy and water therapy, clinic, outpatient injections, inpatient department and MS research department.

The overall volume, which is an eleven-story tall tower, is derived from the form of the nerve fibers myelin sheath that is affected in this disease, and the original design idea attempts to show the protection of the myelin sheath with a metal mesh that is stretched around it and represent the concept of nerve fiber care.

The entire shell of the building is covered with glass material, which is an expression of modern architecture, and in addition to the transparency it gives to the building, it will be accompanied by an enclosed metal louver network that directs light to the internal  spaces for the comfort of users. Transparency and simplicity of design and usage of modern and technological materials show the MS research and treatment activities in this center are up-to-date.

The use of customized color palettes for each space intends to improve the morale mindset of patients and create a dynamic space that also offer a relaxing atmosphere which is one of the top priorities for designing the interior.

The eighth floor of the building has been emptied in order to compensate for the lack of green space in this project. Allowing green space into the building helps divide its form and provides necessary spaces for recreation and relaxation of MS patients’ in the middle of the floors of this building.