Architecture & Interior Design


Al Fakher Pars

Project Date



Saveh - Iran


8000 m2

Project Description

This factory, ​​representing a total of  6530 Sqm. in size and is located in Kaveh Industrial City in Saveh. The production line, warehouse and processing part of the company are designed in the form of four metal sheds covering an area of ​​4958 Sq.m and an administration building as an independent structure equaling 1391 Sq.m in size.

In this design, functional standards and space relations including the stages of entry, storage of raw materials, production, loading and exit of the final product, fire standards, firefighting criteria, design principles and general design standards, and private construction of industrial parks are observed. Furthermore, while preserving and caring for the environment of the region, this complex is made with due consideration of the design and location of the green space.

The application of modern technology in the construction of structures, mechanics and the selection of standard materials have saved energy consumption and finally, lead to the construction of a stylish building built based on modern architecture. This complex is visually consistent with the context of the industrial city and contributed to the attractive appearance of Kaveh Industrial City through regular application of international standards and modern architecture’s norms and guidelines.