Architecture & Interior Design


Milad Noor Giti

Project Date



Saveh - Iran


10150 m2

Project Description

The MNG Cigarette Factory located in Kaveh Saveh Industrial Town is a tobacco production, processing and packaging factory that has been designed and implemented by our design team. The factory is spanning over a total area of ​​10,150 square meters. This factory is divided into three main sections including a warehouse, a production line and an office space according to the global design patterns and standards of most tobacco factories. The office space has two separate entrances; one dedicated entrance for employees and one for workers. Each one leads to separate factory production lines for relevant users. Separate spaces for domain specific equipment, machinery and installations are provided for future use.

The green space and the transportation runways for trucks carrying raw materials or final products follows global professional standards including cars, specific machines and firefighter trucks.

The office space located on the second floor is partitioned in flexible office sections which are separated by glass walls, a main management room and a dining room plus two residential suites and other relevant support spaces such as a prayer rooms and lavatories.