Architecture & Interior Design

Project Description

Elahiyeh Villa is a residential villa representing a total of about 1100 square meters spanning on 3 main floors in the Elhiyeh district of Karag city. This villa has very specific features including a basement featuring a flexible sliding glass roof, a games room and a sauna.

The main technical installation room features a double height and is centrally located within the main basement of the villa. The design team has managed to creatively use design forms and patterns to create a high roof a grandiose space featuring modern architectural forms.

The special space is designed of continuous white plates that pass through each other, and glass elements which create special visual aspects that provides natural light and open view. In order to create a modern design feeling and transparency in the building, glass and white microcement material have been used in the façade. The use of a large void in the living room with glass walls has created a unique space with twice as standard height and field with natural light.



Project Date



Karaj - Iran


1300 m2