Architecture & Interior Design

Project Description

This building, with 3000 square meters, is located in a rectangular shaped area of 36 x 46 meters, and includes a core central courtyard with green space and trees. The main building, which is mainly used for shopping activities and permanent flower exhibition, is located next to Beyhaghi bus terminal.

We have realized a glass volume that offers a lot of light for flowers and provides a maximum transparency for people to discover and see the inside of the building from outside. 

This main glass volume, designed with a gentle slope, starts to rise gradually from the main sidewalk level. This main shape design changes on each side of the main building by moving upwards and includes relevant spaces in the basement with stores and restaurants.



Project Date



Tehran - Iran


3000 m2

The main glass volume has been designed while keeping the central courtyard in mind at all times in order to invite travelers and people of the terminal area to move from outside areas to the inside of the building.

Travelers and people can relax at a coffee shop and enjoy a restaurant designed in cozy and comfortable spaces, overlooking the central courtyard and related green space. The basement includes a storage area, staff locker and shower. The ground floor is composed of the entrance gate, administrative department, childcare area and decorative flower shop. The permanent exhibition and flower sales hall, plants and flower breeding products are located on the ground floor. The ground, first and second floors offer different restaurants.

Specific considerations have been applied for the design of people access and circulation, the entry and exit points for pedestrians, truck transportation for the kitchen and related storage as well as the special access of emergency vehicles.


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