Architecture & Interior Design

Project Description

The administrative building and warehouse of Azadeghan Fakher Company were designed in early summer 2020. The overall design includes an administrative building, on the fourth floor, plus a mezzanine floor affected to management functions, spanning over an area of 7800 square meters and a dedicated warehouse building with an approximate area of ​​3300 square meters. The various administrative departments, within the main administrative building, are designed and organized in such a way that they provide functional connections with each other and in addition they benefit from their own independence and characteristics. A specific design feature of this building is a core office area that is being highlighted by a yellow color. This area also includes a balcony and a green open space.



Azadegan Fakher

Project Date



Eslam Shahr - Iran


12000 m2

A spacious Café area serves as the main relaxation space and facilitates rich interactions and collaboration thanks to large collective tables that are very much welcoming for joint conversation and community building activities.

Firetrucks specific mobility and transportation guidelines and firefighting rules and standards have been well respected in all the design phases and fully implemented.