Architecture & Interior Design


Shekari Group

Project Date



Qazvin - Iran


16800 m2

Project Description

We have completed the design of two bicycle fabrication factory, in form a joint connected complex, in Caspian industrial area located in the city of Ghazvin. Based on particular site specificities and some variations on the base elevation of the land, some main factory halls are bigger in terms of size and volume. This is also why the design forms and patterns of each fabrication factory differs. Special circulation design consideration for incoming trucks, transporting material and parts, have been applied to facilitate truck maneuvering and offloading. Moreover, in accordance with established custom’s rules and regulations, three separate warehouses (storage, central and production) with dedicated structures have been designed.

The main administrative building, that stands out via the main building façade, is covered by colorful louver that induce movement and mobility in line with bicycling.

A special bicycle path has been designed all across the green space surrounding the factory which forms a nice loop.