Architecture & Interior Design


University Of Tehran

Project Date



Tehran - Iran


24000 m2

Project Description

In the design of University of Tehran’s Faculty of Entrepreneurship, the preservation of key ideas and activity transparency are used as the main concepts aligned with the thinking process. The subtraction  in the volume are used to design green spaces on the floors and roof, while creating spatial diversity, have brought an urban balcony for students and users of the building.

The metal envelope is drawn on the glass volume which represents the concept of protecting ideas, and in terms of functionally, it operates for controlling the light in the office and educational spaces. The glass shell represents a dynamic combination of tradition and modernity.

While the building is modern, its transparency and rigidity is being designed in a way that given the reflection of the façade of the nearby buildings in different aspects of the façade, the façade pattern remains connected with the background pattern and preserves the neighboring buildings. The use of green space on the floors, photovoltaic tiles on the façade and roof are all factors that aligns very well with sustainable architecture design principals and related values.

The space features transparent windows, easy circulation, modern technology, internal green spaces and a smart combination of modern materials inside all levels and floors that showcase attractiveness and variety of teaching-learning and rest spaces necessary for students and professors. Such multifunctional spaces that display logical functions, communication medium and high spatial quality, are expected to help achieve mental prosperity and upgrade the level scientific and practical activities.