Architecture & Interior Design



Project Date



Saveh - Iran


23600 m2

Project Description

This cosmetic factory, spanning over an area covering 23600 square meters, composed of two separate buildings. The first building is dedicated to the main factory and relevant functional connected areas. In addition, this building hosts a work space, functional spaces for staff members such as individual lockers and a dining room.

Simple and minimal design guidelines and patterns have been used together with a material mix of mainly wood and metal with concrete covering for the design of the interior of this building.

The second buildings span across the 2 floors, the first floor is dedicated to workplaces, the other common areas including dining room and prayer rooms. Two separate suites are also located in this floor with dedicated entrances from the main entrance of the office spaces. The use of an open-plan and mixed colorful palette creates a dynamic workplace that gives employees and visitors greater space flexibility, fluid mobility and improved opportunities to thrive. On the second floor a range of spaces were shaped for independent and collaborative work as well as a large meeting room and a management room. In addition, a dedicated open space offering relaxing sitting and environment with natural lighting in located at the core of this floor.