Architecture & Interior Design



Project Date



Chaboksar - Iran


10000 m2

Project Description

This residential complex is located on a site with an area of ​​about 10000 square meters by the Caspian Sea and on the transit road from Rudsar to Chabaksar. This residential complex is a collection of 3-storey villas (triplex) that are located in pairs along the main site and landscape leading to the sea. A total of six individual villas are located in pairs, each standing 12 meters apart, in order to maintain residents’ security, privacy, tranquility, comfort and view.

From the very beginning of the construction of the nearest villa, starting from the sea line, each individual construction respects all sea protection rules and regulations as well as mandatory withdrawal limits as approved by natural resources and the municipality, and relevant design standards have been applied.

The villas are seen in pairs with differences in their sloping roofs and as a single complex. The location of the villas in a row next to each other creates a unique design pattern that defines the main path of the car to the beach.

Each of the villas on the site has dedicated private open air and green space, and along the site, a shared cycling and walking route (health road) has been designed. Each villa consists of 3 floors, the ground floor includes a parking space, necessary facilities, a jacuzzi and a semi-open pool. The first floor includes a guest room, main living room and a kitchen. On the top floor, three master bedrooms are organized around a large void with a family room. Dedicated extended balconies (especially on the sea side) are one of the special the features of this project.